IQ Games Room Retro 60 Arcade Machine - Pac Man

IQ Games Room Retro 60 Arcade Machine - Pac Man

The Retro Arcade 60 is a two player cocktail table style arcade machine based on the 'pac man' cocktail table style of sit down arcade machines that were very popular during the 1980's.

The machine comes with 60 classic arcade games built in and includes Pacman, Ms Pac Man, Pac man plus, Jr Pac Man (see full games list below or Download a PDF version here) and Pacman themed artwork under the glass top and control panel covers.

Manufactured from melamine coated MDF, toughened glass, and steel control panels, the Retro 60 Arcade not only looks stunning but is built to last forever.

The machine has been designed specifically for private use and works in freeplay mode it has no coin mechanism (although coin operated versions are available) this means that you don't need any money to play and is perfect for a home environment.

Top of the range Japanese controls and a large 19inch LCD screen makes playing classic video games on these arcade machines even more enjoyable than ever before. The kids will be enthralled and the adults will feel the 80's nostalgia come to life as Pac man munches up the dots and the space invaders get blasted off the screen.

As a toy the Retro Arcade 60 is incredible fun but more than that as an elegant and eye catching piece of furniture the Retro 60 Arcade looks stunning in any home, games room or private bar.

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