About IQ Pool Tables

About IQ Pool Tables

1. The Leading Independent UK Supplier

We are the premier independent supplier of pool tables, jukeboxes, gaming machines, table tennis tables, football tables and all other games room products, in the UK.

2. Established 1972; 50 Years in the Industry

Still operating and selling leisure machines and spares nationwide. We know what we are talking about - the owner has been in the industry for 5 decades. The proprietor, Ian Price, has 41 years trade sales experience and is available 7 days a week to discuss any aspect of your purchase.

3. No Money Upfront

Unique service illustrates our total commitment to customer service - the ultimate peace of mind. More about our Pay on the Day option.

4. Nationwide Service

All at keen prices comparable if not better than our competitors.

5. Market Leader

The market leader in free spares offered with all pool table purchases - saving you vast amounts of money compared with our competitors.

6. Factory Tours

Factory tours gladly arranged - we have built up unbeatable relationships with all our suppliers over many years - so you can see you proposed table, laminates, cloth swatches, build quality etc in situ.

7. Kit Table Specialist

Dry build kit table specialist - acknowledged as the leading exponent of this skill we can provide tables where you thought it was nigh on impossible. Factory trained, time served trade fitters use their skill and training to dry build your table in often inaccessible spots snubbed by other suppliers.

8. Expert, Unbiased Help

Expert unbiased help and guidance by the leading independent UK supplier that has built up solid business relationships with all our suppliers. Unmatched specialist knowledge available 7 days a week to help with your proposed purchase on 0161 49 48 48 5.


We have been selling pool tables since the late 1970s and initially started in the trade selling Hazel Grove Superleague tables. At the time, this range of tables was acknowledged as being one of the very best by both players and leisure venue stakeholders alike.

Many people are shocked when they contact us after buying a cheap Superleague table and we tell them it is approximately 30 years old! There are certainly many tables still out there. We can recover and refurbish the tables but many parts are now unavailable.

Our experience in this market has led us to offer the most free spares with all our tables - see our pool table range available for online purchase.

Further to this we offer a full range of pool spares and accessories available to purchase across the web.

Over the years we have been proud to provide help to worthy causes by supplying goods at knockdown prices, particularly those local to Manchester and the North West.

All our installations are carried out by trained fitters - all have vast experience. Unlike many competitors who use hired labour with little or no trade knowledge, we feel the customer gains hugely by having a job done by experienced people.

We also take trade-ins of old tables against our new product range. This has been a great advantage to sellers who don’t want to go through the hassle of selling on auction sites and have 'tyre kickers' call round and haggle! We give a fair price on trade-ins as we have an expanding market for reconditioned tables.

We pride ourselves in the best customer service in the industry

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