Preventing Damage to your Pool Table Cloth

How to prevent damage to your pool table cloth

Once you have set up and maintained a care programme for your cloth the following points need to be addressed to enhance the playing life of your pool table.

Positioning of the table is vitally important - exposure to the suns rays will have a bleaching and damaging effect on the table cloth and to the structure/laminate. Always utilise any sun blockage items like blinds and curtains and be prepared for the suns movements during the day and whilst you are out. A pool table cover is highly recommended and an added precaution is to monitor the temperature in the room as it must not experience vast changes in temperatures - extreme cold or very hot or humid conditions will impact negatively on the table and cloth. The wooden table structure and cloth can absorb moisture in most instances and adversely affect long term usage of the table.

Always chalk away from the table and ideally do not over chalk your cue as excess chalk on the cloth has an abrasive effect and if not promptly removed will result in quick deterioration of the cloth.

Maintenance and cleaning of the table's ball runways and channels and the balls themselves need to be done regularly as debris accumulates on the balls and is then transmitted to the cloth causing further wear.

Eating and drinking anywhere near the table is not advised at all - grease, ingrained food debris or alcohol stains are extremely difficult to remove from the cloth. Even with prompt action inevitably there will be a resultant water mark left on the table.