Ongoing Care for your Napped Wool Pool Table Cloth

Ongoing care of your new napped wool pool table cloth

Careful and regular planned maintenance of your new pool table napped cloth will enhance game play and provide longer term usage. Home tables will usually have to be recovered in the range of 2-4 Years depending on usage and observation of ways to prolong cloth life.

Prevention is the best advice as problems occur for many reasons

  • Cues chalked over the table - chalk is an abrasive on the cloth
  • Worn, unclean and damaged balls cause premature wear and need regularly changed
  • Cues, coins or heavy items laid or dropped on the cloth
  • Cues with rough tips and sharp ferrules
  • Drinks being used on or near the table
  • Internal workings of the table need to be cleaned as balls can pick up dust and other debris. This is particularly the case when coin operated tables are used as runways, gully boots and internal, castings can harbour dirt and dust particles
  • Players following through with their cues in a scything motion onto the cloth on mostly attempted back spin shots leaving chalk marks or dots
  • Poor cue play and resultant cloth wripping means a prompt recover is then needed

The use of a quality soft bristle brush in a regular maintenance programme will add life to the cloth and provide better gameplay. Nap direction is maintained only by soft brushing in straight lines from the D end to the baulk end. Swirling, sweeping movements other than in a straight line will mean the cloth nap fibres will bunch together - called pilling.

As the woollen cloth is a natural fibre, attention must be made to monitor the air conditions in the room - extreme temperatures should be avoided and a pool table cover whilst table is not in use is recommended.

If the cloth is thoroughly cleaned using a trade cloth aerosol spray cleaner and then brushing with the nap on a regular basis this enhances the cloth life. A slight spray mist from 30cms away and then brushing in with the nap will aid cloth care. Care must be made not to soak cloth - just a light film is sufficient.

Ironing the cloth in the direction of the nap will provide an initial smoother playing surface and keep the nap enhanced. It is imperative the cloth playing surface is clean and free from any debris, as ironing markings or stains will only bed in and worsen the imperfections.

Trade thermostatic controlled irons are recommended. They are expensive but are specifically for cloth care and are low temperature controlled. If you use a normal iron the heat must be tested on newspaper first to set the correct heat . If it burns or scorches the cloth in any way the temperature gauge must be lowered so no burning occurs of the newspaper prior to using on the napped cloth. Ironing must always be in lines and with the direction of the nap. Cushions do not need ironing - regular brushing is ideal.

Having a pro active approach to cloth care and maintenance is essential and will definitely increase cloth life and also provide better gameplay .