Supreme Pool Table Room Size Information

Is there enough room in my games room for my pool /snooker table?

A very important consideration when designing and planning a games room is to allow for enough room for the games to be played easily and without any obstructions in the room.

With cue sizes available from 36 inch up to 57 inch there are many permutations available. Usual cue size preferred by snooker players is 57 inch, however this is simply impractical for most home games room enthusiasts. With cues also available in 42 inch, 48 inch and 54 inch, most players needs can be matched.

We have outlined advisory room sizes for 36, 48 and 57 inch cues for new Supreme pool tables. Please call us for ideal room sizes for any other pool table manufacturer, American tables plus all sizes of snooker tables. For a personal illustration and to discuss your needs, call us on 0161 494 8485.

Pool Table Room Sizes

Cue Size
36 inch cue
48 inch cue
57 inch cue
150 x 120 in (381 x 304.8 cm)
170 x 140 in (431.8 x 355.6 cm)
190 x 160 in (482.6 x 406.4 cm)
160 x 130 in (406.4 x 330.2 cm)
180 x 150 in (457.2 x 381 cm)
200 x 170 in (508 x 431.8 cm)
170 x 140 in (431.8 x 355.6 cm)
190 x 160 in (482.6 x 406.4 cm)
210 x 180 in (533.4 x 457.2 cm)

Room sizes are in inches and are for guidance only and based on new Supreme pool tables. Call to discuss your specific requirements on other new tables, used tables, American large pocket variants and all sizes of snooker tables.

Pool Table Lighting

Many clients purchase the lighting from us to complete the total games room set-up. The basic guideline is always to utilse a 3 light/shade canopy with maximum 60 wattt bulbs in each. With many links in the chain for finite adjustment the light should just cover the playing surface and top frame surround. Please see our diagram or call us for assistance in determing the ideal set up and equipment for your games room.