Reconditioned Pool Tables

Reconditioned Pool Tables are also available at IQ Pool Tables and can provide an excellent, high quality but economical alternative to a brand new table for your pub or home games room. IQ undertake a full refurbishment of all parts of the table which includes stripping back and cleaning out the cabinet, making sure the mechanics are all in working order and then a complete recover and new slate. We are able to offer these tables back to the market as they tend to be tables that we supplied in the first place and have maintained and serviced in line with our recommendations throughout its life span in its original home.

This image shows a table part way through the reconditioning process and you can read further information about reconditioned pool tables in our main site.

How do you feel about reconditioned pool tables as an alternative to a brand new table in your games room ? We are confident that we can restore the pool table to it’s former glory and that you would never know the difference ! What do you reckon ?