Pub Pool Tables

Do you still enjoy a game with a pint in a place with a pub pool table? Pool Tables have been the favourite fixture of pubs across the country for many years… Here at IQ, we have been discussing our preferred out of hours activities in our local drinking establishments ! There are some of us who like a good gossip over a pinot grigio but the overwhelming verdict was a big thumbs up for a game of pool when out at our favourite pub.

IQ Pool stock a range of pub pool tables available for the leisure industry and pub style pool tables which offer the same high standards as the coin operated pub range, but have the freeplay option available for home use. There are various options available for cabinet and cloth colours and they come delivered with free accessories so have a look at our pub style pool table range to see if you can bring the fun of the pub into your own home.

As ‘staying in’ is the new ‘going out’ we reckon this would make a great addition to those evenings in….

We would love to hear from you if pool is your game of choice.