Edible Pool Table by Heston Blumenthal

Edible pool tables ? Pool balls made out of pickled eggs ? Fruit machines that pay out in snacks ? All down to Heston Blumenthal in his Fantastical Foods series…. To us pool devotees, we have mixed feelings on this subject. Is it food heaven to a snooker fan or doing a disservice to one of Britains favourite sports ?!

This brings a new interpretation of the range of dining table pool tables as pictured here in the Sorrento Dining Pool Table by Simply Pool.

Did you see the programme ? Is Heston your kind of innovative chef or do you still prefer a pint & a bag of pork scratchings down your local over a game of pool with friends – on a table that isn’t going to get smaller as hungry drinkers get stuck in and in a pub that is still going to be there the next week ?!

Those of us who enjoyed the programme, thought that creating an edible pool table was a genius idea and it was of course playable inside a completely edible pub made out of pie. A quirky looked at one of Britain’s great establishments. As there is constant debate on the future of public houses it brought quirky attention to the struggles that they face.

But, there were others not so keen on the idea. I guess if your aim is not as good as it could be, what kind of damage could you do f you don’t quite find the sweet spot on those edible balls ?!

A Happy New Year from IQ Pool Tables and hope 2013 is going to be a good one for everyone !