IQ Pool Table & Services FAQs

Questions we get asked about our tables and services

Is there a guarantee?

All new pool tables come with a 12 months manufacturers’ guarantee (except cushions).

What accessories do we get with our new table?

We give the largest range of free accessories with our new pool tables, please see list on pool table pages. Massive savings to be made compared with other online sellers.

What is the delivery schedule for table orders?

Each table we sell has a specific build/deliver schedule, average is 3-5 weeks.

How is delivery, delivery/install arranged?

We like all our clients to liase a few weeks prior with our fitting teams to discuss upcoming mutual timings. Also, on the day we liase with you so you don’t waste any time at all waiting in for our fitters.

What size table is best?

We supply tables in many sizes, generally a 7ftx 4ft external dimensions table will give you the same table as in pubs, however, where space is tight a 6ft x 3ft 6inches table would suffice. In pubs where space is at a premium a 6ft is still played on in pool leagues. 10 ball red snooker can also be played on a 7ft table. For room sizes to accommodate larger cues please see our ‘will it fit in my games room’ guide.

American or English style tables?

The traditional UK pool game as seen in pub pool leagues tend to be the smaller ball -2 inch with a 1 7/8 inch cue ball. The larger American tables, seen in Pool Halls and family entertainment centres, utilise a 2 ¼ inch object ball and 2 3/8 inch cue ball ball usually. All tables have pocket sizes made to accommodate relevant ball size. The vast number we sell still sees a split of approx 88% with the smaller UK pool game.

Can I pay cash on the day?

Most certainly. We are aware we are currently the only online retailer offering this facility. Full manufacturers guarantee and full VAT invoices/receipts always provided.

What can I do if my pool table has an old-fashioned coin mechanism?

If your pool table has the old-fashioned mechanical coin slide (see image) you can easily and quickly update it to the new style coin chide mechanisms that take the coin or coins in an upright position.

The advantage of the new mechanism is that the coins used for one game are easily changed by you. For example, the frame can be set at 50p and you can use any combination of the following coins 1 x 50p, or 2 x 20p plus a 10p. The straight six coin mechanism can be purchased from us or you can send in your valley drawer for updating. Call us today!

Coin slide mechanism