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  • Cornilleau

    With an ever increasing number of brands of table tennis tables appearing on the market, including more and more tables produced in China, below are some of Cornilleau’s major ‘plus points’ to help you advise customers and explain the benefits of purchasing a Cornilleau table tennis table.

    Table Tennis Expert?

    For some brands, table tennis is merely an add-on product. Cornilleau, however, only make table tennistables and do not manufacture tables for sale under any brand other than Cornilleau and Tectonic. They have 40 years of experience in the design and manufacture of table tennis tables.

    Wide Product Range & Innovation

    The breadth of Cornilleau’s range of table tennis tables means there is something to suit all playing requirements and all budgets. In the Cornilleau range, as the tables get more expensive, the playing surfaces gets thicker (for a better bounce), the legs get sturdier, the frames get heavier, the wheels have brakes, plus you get additional features such as a MAT top (on outdoor tables) or a SKIL Top (on indoor tables). The tables higher up in the range also have nifty extras such as corner protection pads, ball dispensers, retractable nets, adjustable leg height and a transport handle.

    Outdoor (Weatherproof) Tables

    Some brands advertise their tables as indoor/outdoor models but the small print states the table must NOT be stored outdoors! All Cornilleau and Tectonic outdoor tables are resistant to sun, rain, snow and frost and can be left safely outside all year round without any risk of deterioration, with or without a cover. On Cornilleau tables, anti-corrosion materials are used on all parts to avoid rusting. See ‘Guarantee’ details below.

    Playing Surface

    Cornilleau use high density chipboard in the manufacture of all their indoor tables. Chinese tables are made using MDF which is far more fragile and can be deformed easily. Cornilleau’s outdoor tables are manufactured using resin laminate, which is not only completelyweatherproof but is also resistant to bat blows, unlike tables with an aluminium top which will dent. The tops on Cornilleau tables are painted by a fully automated painting process using ultra violet to harden the paint giving a regular and quality finish. Brands using a high number of layers of paint are hand painted which means the colour will be less regular and there is a risk of particles getting into the surface during the painting process.

    EN Compliance

    Due to the risk of a child getting between the panels of the table when it is folded, and following on from a number of incidents, a European Safety Standard for table tennis tables was introduced in March 2005. This is the EU norm EN 14468-1 and ALL Cornilleau and Tectonic tables conform to this regulation. Be aware that a number of tables on sale from other brands do NOT comply with this regulation.


    It is a fact that Cornilleau tables are the safest on the market. The patented DSI system used on Cornilleau brand tables has 16 locking points ensuring the table is fully locked in playing and storage positions for complete child safety. Plus, if a table is opened and the handle released, the top will automatically lock at 65° avoiding any risk of an accident.


    The Cornilleau guarantee is amongst the best available backed up by a company which is the Europeanleader in table tennis tables. Cornilleau guarantee their tables against manufacturing defects for 3 years (2 years for Tectonic tables) and this guarantee is extended to 10 years for the playing surface on outdoor tables (3 years for Tectonic tables). As Cornilleau’s UK importer, all warranty queries are handled quickly and efficiently here in the UK and replacement parts can be despatched in a timely way for maximum customer satisfaction.

    Playback Facility

    Not all tables have a playback facility for solo practice. This means that one person cannot play or practise alone limiting the extent to which a table can be used. All Cornilleau Sport and Tectonic tables have a playback facility and are suitable for solo practice.


  • EME

    Since 1974, EME Ltd have been designing, developing and manufacturing products for:
    Amusement, Leisure & Hospitality industry, Ticket Vending applications, Communication industry, Control & Monitoring equipment & systems.  
    We design all products in house using our team of electronic, software and mechanical engineers.
    Our work is carried out to UK and European BS5750 Standards of Quality, Electrical Emission, Compliance and Electrical Safety.
    EME Ltd are recognized leaders in the leisure and hospitality industry for their range of quality Pull Tab Tickets Dispensers and accessories, Bingo machines, Raffle spinners, Darts and snooker scorers, Wheels of Fortune, Tombola drums, Key games, etc., Ozone air cleaning equipment.


  • Garlando

    Garlando was founded officially in 1954 at Spinetta Marengo - a small village near Alessandria - by Renato Garlando, the father of the present managing director, already in the market for the production of various wood objects. An activity that he, in his turn, had inherited from his father.

    Following the success of the football tables coming from France, Renato Garlando decides to try to produce them and the success his products has among the Italian public is so large as it was unexpected. The company has definitely put the basis for its future.

    From now on, the company continuously grows. Foreign countries are added to the Italian market, overseas, to the United States, where the Garlando football tables have a real boom in the Seventies. The Piedmont company is now considered a world leader.

    In the meanwhile, pool tables are started to be manufactured with the same success as football tables.

    In the course of the Eighties, the current managing director, Giuseppe Garlando, takes the lead and, with his brother Marino, begins renovating the working procedures which, from still largely craftsmanlike, become industrialized and standardized.

    In the same period the factory dimensions enlarge, the number of the employees increases, while they become more and more skilled, new computerized machineries are purchased to reach the outmost precision in the output, new foreign markets are open on which Garlando soon becomes a leader.

    In the Nineties new steps on are taken while the turnover takes off, the North African and East Europe markets are added, the product range expands to meet the requirements of new segments of public.

    To meet more and more urgent production requirements, late in 2002 the company leaves Spinetta Marengo to move to the much more modern premises at Pozzolo Formigaro, near Novi Ligure, a dozen kilometres from the old seat.

    The company now covers a 10.000 square metres area, is equipped with the most modern machines to work the wood as well as to mould the plastic and employs over 60 people, both for the office and the factory.



  • Milliken

    Milliken ArtScape™ have over 100 years experience in cloth manufacture.

    Milliken can make customising your pool table cloth easy, with their ability to professionally reproduce your high resolution image onto their leading pool cloths.

    The design covers the slate bed and rails and virtually any image can be digitally reproduced onto the wool or nylon cloth, with no detrimental effect to the playing characteristics for the player. The designs prolong the cloth life by reducing the wear on the cloth. The cloths also have 'Spillguard' - a coating that protects the cloth against spillages.


  • Supreme

    The mid 1980's saw the inception of this renowned brand. The company has continually invested in product design and manufacturing facilities, which position the company at the forefront of pool table manufacturing in the UK. State of the art CAD designs and experienced factory trained craftsmen put the final touches to this iconic brand.

    This attention to detail has resulted in professional and amateur players and major tournament organisers selecting this range of tables as their first choice. The World 8 ball Pool Federation and the International Players Association have continually endorsed the Supreme Pool tables as their table of choice.

    For 5 decades we have supplied nationwide home games rooms and commercial operators with the complete Supreme pool table range in both freeplay and coin operated versions. We stock the complete range of cabinet colours and offer a bespoke cloth swatch choice in either wool or nylon variants.

    Dry build kit tables are our speciality, our factory trained fitters will assemble a table in situ into rooms where a fully assembled table will not fit. Trade fitters are used on all deliveries and installations to ensure you receive a premium service at all times. Payment in cash can be organised rather than payment upfront. This superb service reinforces our faith in The Supreme product and our proven professional attitude to all sales.

    We also provide a market leading range of free spares with all Supreme pool table sales.