Garlando Pro Champion ITSF Football Table with Solid Rods & Sanded Glass Playing Field - Black

Garlando Pro Champion ITSF Football Table with Solid Rods & Sanded Glass Playing Field - Black

The Champion is a stylish table that has the advantage of legs which fold to save on storage space when the table is not in use.

  • Cabinet: 25mm
  • Rods: Telescopic
  • Players: Red/Blue
  • Product Weight: 76kg

Supplied with 10 Standard white balls.

Table Type
Table Type Competition
Indoor / Outdoor
Indoor / Outdoor Indoor

Garlando Pro Champion Cabinet image

Cabinet: Cabinet in heavy duty 25mm MDF with melamine coating.


Garlando Pro Champion Leg image

Legs: 90 x 90mm square metal legs with anti-scratch silver powder varnish.


Garlando Pro Champion Telescopic Rod image

Rods: 16mm going-through high resistance, machine-true hollow steel bars (2.2mm thick) treated with anti-rust chromium plating. The quality of materials used prevents the bars from bending.


Garlando Pro Champion Roller Bearings image

Roller Bearings: Steel roller bearings greatly improve the game speed, while reducing the stress for the players' wrists.


Garlando Champion Pro Players image

Players: Players in unbreakable plastic representing a stylized human figure are directly moulded onto the bars. They do not move, cannot be displaced and maintain their positions perfectly. Team colours: Red and blue.


Garlando Champion Pro Goalkeeper image

Goalkeepers: Fully rotating goalkeeper (360 degrees).


Garlando Champion Pro Corner image

Corners: Elevated corners reduce dead ball areas.


Garlando Champion Pro Design image

Design: Designed, developed and manufactured in Italy.


Garlando Champion Pro Approval image

Approval: Official ITSF training table for professional players and can be used for Pro Tour Competitions


Garlando Pro Champion Leg levellers image

Leg Levellers: Competition leg levellers for a perfectly flat playing field


Garlando Pro Champion Handle image

Handles: Plastic handles with ergonomic grip.


Garlando Pro Champion Ball Server image

Ball Server: Ball server on each side of the table.


Garlando Pro Champion Field image

Playing Field: Tempered, non-reflective, 5mm sanded glass playing field. Silk-screen printed with white lines on a green background to reproduce the football ground.


Garlando Pro Champion Scorer image

Scorers: Competition abacus score counters mark games, sets and goals


Garlando Pro Champion Rubber Bumper image

Rubber Bumpers: Rubber bumpers instead of springs (21 mm length) for a better shock absorption. The rubbers maintain a consistent distance between the player and the wall and reduce or remove ‘dead spots’ on the 3 player rod. The game is quieter with less noise against the cabinet during play.


Garlando Pro Champion Distancing Bumper image

Distancing Bumpers: Distancing rubber on the goalkeeper bar keeps the player within the goal range.


Garlando Pro Champion Guarantee image

Guarantee: With 60 years of experience, Garlando is able to select quality materials and can guarantee the table for 3 years.


Garlando safety image

Compliance: Conforms to the European safety standard EN 71-1/2/3/9.

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